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Find out from the experts why the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald is on the bottom of Lake Superior, Order your copy of "The Fitzgerald Tragedy" here.

The Fitzgerald Tragedy…Looking Back and Beyond by Don Hermanson (2010), a one hour DVD documentary of the sinking of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, is very likely the best one-hour spent to learn about this famous ship. Gordon Lightfoot has caused the ship’s name to be heard in everyone’s home when listening to his song, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (1976). The Fitzgerald Tragedy will tell the real story of this great freighter.

I have read every book known to me on this ship’s sinking, every government report, and watched every DVD that has been released since the tragic sinking of this mighty ship. The Edmund Fitzgerald is affectionately called the ” Fitz” by those of us who knew her before she sank and will always remember her to our dying days.

The Edmund Fitzgerald sunk in the early evening November 10, 1975 in a fierce November storm on Lake Superior that has been recognized as the storm of the century and possibly of all time. This 729 foot ship and the pride of the American side sank with a full cargo of 26,000 tons of taconite iron ore taking all of her 29 crew men to the grave of the icy water of the biggest and most northern lake of the five Great Lakes.

The Fitzgerald was on her last trip of the season carrying her cargo from Superior, Wisconsin to Detroit, Michigan before she was to be laid up for extensive and much needed repairs. This early lay-up for these maintenance items is noteworthy. The shipping season usually extends into mid-January before Lake Superior freezes and prevents shipping in the colder winter months. Putting one of the most productive ships into lay-up two months early suggested the seriousness of the repairs that had to be accomplished before Fitzgerald resumed her shipping duties. The Fitzgerald Tragedy provides the viewer an insight why these much needed repairs is likely one of the contributors for the Fitzgerald sinking. Read more...

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